“30 Days Clutter Bootcamp” – A review

I’m particularly happy to write this review because “30 Days Clutter Bootcamp” is one of the most interesting ebooks I have read recently. The title says it all: Tanja, who’s also the mastermind behind Minimalist Packrat, wrote a guide, I’d dare say the guide, for anyone who really wants to solve, once and for all, the problem of domestic cluttering.

In addition to being very easy on the eyes (which is always a good think!), this ebook is very practical, starting from the list of tools that will be needed throughout the procedure: pen, notepads, garbage bags, kitchen timer and (no less important) motivation, willingness to seriously commit for 30 days and a really good reason to embark on this venture… optional, but very useful, the desire to have fun and “shake your booty “to the music. The program is challenging  (physically and emotionally… as those of you who have ever done even a modicum of decluttering will confirm!), and I find the suggestion to listen to music while addressing each of the stages really valid. I’ve always done it myself, and it does help, adding a certain lightness that sometimes it’s very much needed. But back to the topic. After describing the tools of the trade, Tanja writes about:

– The rules of boot camp, also based on lightness and flexibility (but remember, not too much!)

Power tips for a truly effective decluttering: the main idea is not to think too much, and try to make the decision to keep or get rid of something as quickly as possible;

– And finally over 40 tricks designed to help us with the most difficult time of all: when we found ourselves facing a stack of DVDs, or clothes, or office supplies, and we must actTo throw away or to keep? This is the problem! And so here’s the game of 50/50, especially useful for libraries and collections, the numbers game, the self-gratification game; the 80/20 rule (Pareto again!) and many others .

This ends the introductory section, so now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work: 30 sections, one section per day, each with a specific task, some rather demanding (the garage/basement, for example), others definitely easier (the junk drawer, destination of everything we don’t know where else to put and we don’t want to throw away). For each section Tanja provides an estimate of the time and the tools needed for its completion, and each is accompanied by a relevant and/or inspiring quote, or a specific practical suggestion. Nothing is safe: from the spices in the kitchen (!) to the linen closet, from the medicine cabinet to the bookshelf. In a word:

everything you always wanted to know about decluttering and never dared to ask.

Words to the wise: Tanja is in the business of how; why declutter it’s up to you. As she often repeats, it’s our responsibility to find the right reason and motivation to proceed. If you have it, this ebook is a valid reference and a great help. And what better time to do this than spring? We’ll call it “spring cleaning 2.0”! :)

30 Days Clutter Bootcamp, Tanja Hoagland – 107 pages, $ 19.99 (payment via PayPal or credit card), with a money back guarantee. To be absolutely clear: Tanja sent me her ebook to review and, if you purchase it through the above link, a portion of the proceeds will go to me.
As I wrote here, obviously I do not recommend EVERY ebook that I get to review and/or I read, but only those that I find really interesting or useful: in this case, I really think it’s worth it. And, of course, in any case let me know if you’ve read it, if you liked it and how you put these tips into practice.

Happy decluttering!

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