A few considerations on stuff (probably heat-induced)

“Having stuff blows. Liquidity is the new luxury!” (D. Karp)

Is it just me, or we do have too much stuff? Maybe it’s the fact I started following blogs like this and this, but sometimes the feeling is really strong.

Too many clothes. Today I decluttered my walk-in closet: I filled 3 big boxes with shirts, suits, sweaters…, and I still have 8 of everything. And consider I have the tendency to wear the same things over and over. Shoes and handbags? Don’t really want to go there.

Too many CDs and DVDs. Me and my fiance really reduced the shopping in this area, actually. There’s iTunes for your music needs, and for movies and TV series we are waiting to buy a BluRay player; and the titles we really care for are very few anyway. We love TV series, but the only ones we bought on DVD are The Sopranos and ER (biggest fan here!). The next (in BluRay) will probably be Battlestar Galactica. But it ends there.

Too much furniture. And we don’t really have that much 🙂 But there are times I find myself missing the house as it was right after the moving, with the empty living room which seemed so big. There were boxes everywhere, of course. And that’s because we own…

Too many books. I already see you frowning from here, and I feel you: I always though the idea of “too many books” couldn’t apply to me. There is nothing I love more than browsing in a bookstore and shopping for new titles. But we did arrived to the point of no return: books piling up everywhere and, more important, books we read once (or never) and we wouldn’t dream to reopen.
The result: 2 boxes of books donated to the library, one sold to a thrift store. Next step: try and convert ourselves to ebooks.

Too much stuff. Things that seemed soooo nice in the store, all more tempting because the store was on the other isde of the world and you wanted a souvenir, didn’t you? “Useful” things, but only if you don’t own them more than 2, or 4 or 10 of them.
Candles (I so love them), kitchen appliances (I don’t cook), glasses (for drinking beer, wine, anything you may think of; and I don’t drink!), towels (tenths of towels, each one different from the other obviously), bedsheet of every kind (and you won’t be change them more than once a week, do you?), sets of dishes (and yes, we still are two people), mugs (you won’t believe how many), all those “design stuff” which “are beautiful”. I could go on. And on. And on.

Technologically speaking, we are quite OK. Computers are rented (and we use them for work). We cut cable and disconnected the TV months ago. The Wii has been fully amortized because we use it for working out, therefore replacing the gym membership. But we do have too many cell phones, used and new, often bought because “it’s a bargain”.
These things are not strictly necessary (with the exception of our Macs, at least if we don’t find some other job… winning the lottery, for example), but at least we do use them a lot.

And then, of course, there’s the digital clutter, the huge amount of feeds and blogs I don’t have the time to read, Facebook, Twitter, and the like (have you noticed we really did manage without social networks, until a few years ago?).

And this is not a money issue, not only anyway; I’d better not think how much we spent at Ikea, in bookstores or in Bodum items, but that’s not the point. The point is the “too much” of it. I’m sick and tired of being surrounded by things I don’t need, or I need once a year and, when I do, I forgot I have them. Thing that take room, require to be cleaned up and dusted, create a mess around me and therefore make me upset or nervous when I watch at them.
In a word, “clutter“. Maybe it’s time to try and free us up.

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